Needed That - A Boogie Wit da Hoodie & PnB Rock,Water (Drowning Pt.2) - A Boogie Wit da Hoodie feat. Kodak Black

Water (Drowning Pt.2)A Boogie Wit da Hoodie feat. Kodak Black

Quotable Lyrics:
From the Bronx, I got it tatted, my ni**a, look
I don’t do no G-Wagen unless I’m with the gang, Leo, the stragglers with us
We was really pushin’ Ps and crackin’ cars, but I couldn’t say that in songs
They gon’ try to make a case out of what I say no matter if it was true or false

All of my ni**as got baptized to the streets, catch a body and talk to God
My role model brought my head up at thirteen, 50 Cent taught me how to rob
And then my mom moved me to Florida to finish high school and that’s when I caught the charge
Bought a double R, treated it like a Mercedes, girl, I swear to God

And I’m from New York, you can call me baby, baby like I’m Biggie Smalls
The way you be, the way you be sayin’ my name, yeah
I’m wavy, you throwin’ it back, different angles
And I used to be rockin’ the same clothes

Thinkin’ it was okay ’cause it’s Balmain, all
Birkins and Tiffany for my main h*e
Did it all, I retired to Palm Angels

Ride my wave, you won’t ever need no water
(You think I was playin’ when I said “I’m really ballin'”? Woo)
I need two or three, just you and me, that make it borin’
I don’t f**k with h*es that make up stories, not Sephora

When she with me she know she don’t ever need no water
Cheat on me, I’ma f**k your best friend, just don’t get me started
I threw like a hundred thousand every month at Starlet’s
Just don’t tell my baby momma nothin’ (Just don’t tell my baby momma nothin’) / New Music Release

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