Wasted - Coi Leray

WastedCoi Leray

Quotable Lyrics:
I gave you one chance then you fucked it up,
then you fucked it up again
A mistake ain’t a mistake when
you make the same one again

You told me that I’m the one
but I ain’t one of them
Communication gettin’ frustrated,
can we make it make sense?

You make more time for your homies,
you hit me when you feelin’ lonely (Lonely)
Yeah, how you gon’ look at me sideways
when I ain’t heard from you in five days?

How we together and don’t even speak?
You too busy, out here runnin’ the streets
Ain’t even checkin’ on me
We say it’s love but how could it be?

I was doin’ my best, you was doin’
the most and started becomin’ a habit
You was sellin’ me heaven but givin’
me hell, that’s a fatal attraction

You was givin’ me hope, you was killin’
me slow, it’s a silent assassin
Yeah, gave you love and passion
Not once did I imagine it’d be