Warm Remix - K-Trap Ft Skepta

Warm RemixK-Trap Ft Skepta

Quotable Lyrics:
I stopped rapping and reoffended (Uh)
You know when the trap needs mendin’ (Fixin’)
Too much mix in the Brizzy (Brizzy),
you know when the pack needs blendin’ (Blendin’)

Buy it, cop it, tell me who shottin’ it, the gangs are spendin’
You never beat the mash off one hand (Bah)
After the bootin’ (Bah), your hand’s all tremblin’ (Bah)
Too much cap I’m hearin’, too much swag they wearin’ (Huh)
And they ain’t bought no hammers

That’s so backwards, man, that’s scary (Horrid)
Shootouts in the winter, lettin’ off bine and my eyes all teary
My football boots been dirty (Dirty)
You can’t rap like that, you ain’t certi (Can’t)
Only time I step out naked is when I’m fresh out the en-suite (Fresh, fresh)

I know I’m a rapper, I’m sorry to say “It’s on me” (Person)
Pocket, rocket, lock it, shorty thinks it’s fake (Huh)
Great, she don’t know that I try get man in his face (Bow)
If I fire this .4 in the neighborhood

You gonna hear goodness grace (Gracious)
If I bust this brick in the kitchen
Listen, you gonna need two, three plates (Bring that)

Prada drops ’cause I’m proud of bae
This one’s long, but small like Nafe
Pick up them cases, don’t want a case (You know)

Out here on the block and you know we’re warm
(You know we’re warm, you know we got it)
Feds wanna search for hammers
I know that they hope they’re warm (Warm)

Two L’s, show enough to the bells
Only go when the corn gets warm (Beat it)
Phone call from bae as well
Home soon, make sure it’s warm