Spin - Kodak Black, Walk - Kodak Black

WalkKodak Black

Quotable Lyrics:
Damn, Tye, you made this b*tch too?
The f**k got into you?

(Walk) I’m big stepper, I drip when I walk
I’m bringin’ pressure around when I walk
I kicked the b*tch out the G, told her, “Walk”
Yeah, I chop on these beats and I walk

Slide, keep on slidin’ (Walk)
Opps just keep on dyin’ (Walk)
Spin ’round, spin ’round (Walk)
Step down, step down (Walk)

Hmm, Hellcat came with a sauce
Switched out on me, must be lost
KTB, Kodak the boss
candy paint man that ain’t gloss

Your b*tch in here, she gettin’ tossed
Baguettes on my neck, look like frost
I’m bussin’ checks in her office
I play defense and offense

Run up, you get stepped on, I’m a demon, I throw (?)
Run down with my vest on, no such thing as being too cautious
I took all my losses to the chin and then I charged it
Fresh out of prison, I’m already spinnin’, I’m right back where I started

.223s in the cartridge
5.56s and switches
Ain’t spendin’ on none of you b*tches
Won’t sip then gettin’ anything from me
My ni**as love me and it ain’t

’bout the money ’cause they get to spin it for free
I’m from the city, no pity, lil’ ni**a went missin’
the other day, he was just three