Walk Em - 26AR

Walk Em26AR

Quotable Lyrics:
Ain’t it funny how ni**as forget (How to forget)
Sh*t I did, ni**as make me regret
I don’t tolerate, no disrespect
Pay your homage, I come to collect

Used to lack dollars, but never no knowledge
I used what I knew and I made it correct
Not really into the mess
Nowadays, every little thing ’bout a check
Niggas do everything for the love and the clout

And the money, it’s sad what it’s coming to
And I might be your fave and you bummy,
but this rapper ain’t no one to run into

Bullets fast ni**a, where is your runnin’ to?
Stop drillin’, I swear I be wantin’ to
Stop hurtin’, I swear I be wantin’ to

I ain’t playin’, I swear I be wantin’ you
It’s really me against me and it feel
like I’m losin’ this battle, still
And I’m comin’ in late

‘Cause I’m way too deep in that battlefield (Grrah)
You can hear all the pain in my music
Finally found me a way, I could use it
Do you love me? Or you tryin’ to use me?
Swear the devil be tryin’ confuse me

Pull up and drench, we don’t do no talkin’
Might tell Vito to walk ’em
You already know G Beans gon’ chalk ’em or
I’ll tell Bdot hawk ’em

King Drench still sendin’ ’em shots
Got more money than all of my opps
(I ain’t gon’ lie, this sh*t gas)
Breezy and Boomer, we smoke ’em alot