Violence - The Game & Hit-Boy

ViolenceThe Game & Hit-Boy

Quotable Lyrics:
When they play that new Geezy, all the dope boys go brazy
All the dope boys go brazy
I lace my Converse and I swing my chain
You ain’t ready to die ’bout it, jump back in your lane

It’s like Hov in this motherf**ker
But it’s just me and Hit, we brought the stove in this motherf**ker
Cook somethin’ (Cook somethin’)

Whoop you ni**as ass like you went inside your mama’s purse and took somethin’
We in them twin ‘Raris, this gon’ be a good summer
I can see the future, let’s call him and get a hook or somethin’

Scream from the roof top, “Free Young Thug
So I can reverse the bar I gave Jigga on One Blood
Still fresh like uh
Coke White Air Forces got me dressed like Young

André, the Doc
Sometimes I pull up on him and the door still locked
I don’t knock, but the Hit-Boy beats do
Welcome to the Surf Club and we brought the beach too

Westside connected, Ice Cube, Dub C too
You don’t bow down, the MAC-10 will reach you

Violence, all I hear is violence
All I hear is violence
When I walk in the room, ni**as get silent

Sirens, all I hear is sirens
All I hear is sirens
So many guns clappin’, startin’ to sound like violins