Vinyl Days - Logic Feat. DJ Premier

Vinyl DaysLogic Feat. DJ Premier

Quotable Lyrics:
All I need is one mic, one pen, one page to ignite
Subject matter heavy but the flow is MC Lyte
You mad as f**k, all you see is red like a conservative
All the critics do is talk, I’m really not concerned with it
Hell is hot and we can make your residency permanent

Several shots, they tyin’ up your body with a tourniquet
Let it rock, it’s obvious that he don’t know who turn it is
Keep my circle tight-knit ’cause people move deceitful
Money and greed will expose you to the root of evil
Already proved myself, not worried ’bout who’s my equal
Far from an anti-vaxxer but I moved the needle

Sh*t got me wonderin’ if what I do is legal
F**k it, I’m goin’ a hunnid in this Buick Regal
F**k it, I’m goin’ a hunnid playin’ Beanie Sigel
You still run that old game, like a Neo Geo
You lookin’ for me? I’ma be in Rio

Sunbathin’ off the coast, sippin’ Pinot Grigio
Out the country so much they like, “Easy, gringo”
Straight off the two-track, don’t need a single
Travelled abroad for my catalog
Made all this money recording raps on my Macintosh, call it Apple sauce