Vette Motors - NBA YoungBoy

Vette MotorsNBA YoungBoy

Quotable Lyrics:
B*tch, I’m toxic, kickin’ your sh*t, you better watch it, woah, woah
Just unzipped my pants, cash stuffed down all in my pockets (Pockets)
Put her in Hermès, now I got all these ni**as jockin’

My weight up and now I got the power
Tell ’em, lil’ slime, “Gon’ spray on cowards”
Your h*e in this b*tch, it’s a money shower
Starin’ too hard, won’t be my main

Drippin’ sauce, wan’ give me brain
Paint that Maybach, pure cocaine
F**k goin’ on? They wan’ do somethin’, hold on, grr, grr

Cutlass, ‘Vette motors inside my hood, yeah
Prince inside my hood, yеah, “Let’s get this understood,” I said (I said)
I bе with the masked men and they all unheard of (Unheard of)
One eighty-seven, just spent me a seven
Need Christian V steppin’, they know it’s a murder, this fit unheard of