Stella McCartney - Nav Feat. Future Produced by Wheezy

Vetements Socks – Nav

Quotable Lyrics: Vetements Socks – Nav

I’m in the ‘Ghini and I’m with a baddie and when we go shopping, I put her in Tisci (Woah, woah, woah)
And it don’t bother me, know that I’m quality, no wonder all of these girls wanna keep me
Shout out my section, my diamonds electric, they stare when I’m walking inside of the building (Woah)Told her come over and I barely know her, and I bent her over and gave her the business (Yeah)

Fresh off the lot, I just got me some options, I’m sliding, new coupe or the four-door (Four)
I hit the gas and I’m gonе, just like Wheezy, I’m outta here, all of my cars got a turbo (Skrrt)
Do you еven know how many records I sold? Heard your man on the road, doing promo
You might see me at parties in rooms full of rappers, but I really don’t wanna go though (No)