Very Special, Rap Dreams - NoCap, Shackles To Diamonds - NoCap

Very SpecialNoCap

Quotable Lyrics:
They taught that extra sh*t in school, all I needed to learn was chase a check
Walk ’round with two-hundred thousand cash, I feel very special
Swang that Lambo’ through the parkin’ lot and I be breakin necks
My shooter don’t touch the rim so we ain’t beefin’ on no internet
Brand new stash spot (Stash spot)
Brand new AP (AP)
She got her ass out (Ass out)
She can’t persuade me (‘suade me)
Brand new Porsche coupe (Uh, uh), turbo
We ain’t squashin’ beef (Pop, pop), poles blow

Got on thousand dollar shoes, I feel very special
Opp ni**a just made the news, I feel very special
Pull off in a Huracan, came back in a Tesla
Walk ’round with a loaded gun, can go for the set up

Lifestyle expensive, need to walk ’round with a camera
Louis V from head to toe, I’m lookin’ like a scammer
Don’t pillow talk to h*es, that’s how you get your b*tch fucked
Ni**a, I love you, but it’s f**k you ’cause you switched up
If I’m in the club, then that b*tch in the car tucked
If it’s real smoke then ain’t no way they dodge us
Lean in my cup, this ain’t champagne but we ’bout Dracos
Give ’em halo’s, I’m talkin’ till the case closed / New Music Release

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