VendettaKB DiGreat

Quotable Lyrics: Vendetta
Friends are quick to sell you out and turn on you.
Friends have no loyalty. Real friends look out for each other,
they don’t turn their back on you. Can’t trust friends!

About: KB DiGreat

KB which stands for Keep Believin in which KB DiGreat has always done (Kept Believin), as he started his musical journey at the age of 13. KB recorded his first single in 2006 with GeQuality at the age of 16 when he went by the stage name of Krazy D. The song “Dem Cyaa Diss We” did exceptionally well in his community and surrounding communities. Realizing that his music talent was recognized and appreciated KB made the bold decision to pursue a career in music. The artist garnered a 3 year contract with Jamaica Bling Records in 2013.

Vendetta - KB DiGreat

KB Garnered his first professionally produced single in 2015 when he was featured on the Queste Production track entitled V.O.T.E. (Voices of The East).
A year later, buoyed by his growing experience in the business, KB made another career-defining decision – he decided to start producing his own music.
This was partially triggered by the fact that he was a free agent and did not have much professional support. Inspired by one of his favorite slangs,
KB DIGREAT came up with the name Soo Soo Productions, and there has been no turning back since.


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