Vegas - Doja Cat

VegasDoja Cat

Quotable Lyrics:
You ain’t nothin’ but a
Dog, player, ah, get it
Fraud, player, ah, get it
I understand, I understand
You ain’t the man, you ain’t a man
You ain’t nothin’ but a
Hound dog, hound dog, hound dog
You ain’t nothin’ but a

Player gettin’ valeted around in that ho whip
Two fingers up, one down, and my toes ten
Fueled out with my boobs out, put a cork in it
Love it when you be cryin’ out when I’m corseted
I don’t think he gon’ make it, do not let me start ragin’
****, I’m losin’ my patience, this ain’t stayin’ in Vegas (You ain’t nothin’ but a)

There’s more sides to the story, I’ma tell everybody
Had your ass sittin’ courtside with your arm around me
Had your ass sittin’ first class with your burnt ass out in Abu Dhabi
Coulda been what we shoulda been, but you lost a bet, now you gotta find me
Find a seat

I ain’t playin’, that’s hide and seek
High school when you finally peaked
Hound dog, come find a treat
I’m a bad b*tch, but