Valuable Souls - NoCap

Valuable SoulsNoCap

Quotable Lyrics:
And Momma always wondered why her child so quiet
They bash me everytime I try speakin’ my mind
Feel like I’m runnin’ from death, I dodged it so many times
They got these f**k ni**as in style, so they ain’t feelin’ my kind

I joce in jail, I say “It happened for a reason”
Wap died off pills, I said “It happened for a reason”
We gon’ walk in with these poles tucked, I can’t help how I growed up

I want to get up off this drank, but feel who elsе I’ma vent to
They laughin’ evеrytime I tell ’em ’bout the shit that I been through-ough

Draco got life in jail with no evidence, I
Stuck with this feelin’, like I never could win, I
For all the rappers, listen close, got nothin’ to prove to no one
Feds laughin’, when the feds come, we die, then we get smoked on
Don’t get this sh*t confused, I do appreciate the real ones

Who with me right or wrong, encourage us to never give up
When we in the graveyard, the only time they f**kin’ feel us
Can’t rob me, gotta do me like I’m PnB
I’m in yo city, you gotta do me like I’m B.I.G
Ain’t goin’ ni**a, you gotta do me like I’m XXT

I never knew that Wap would go out like Juice WRLD or Peep
Fred died when I was thirteen, like he saved me
Don’t get me wrong, I still slide through the A with magazines
Where I’m not supposed to be, I really miss the old me
Like who might take me first?, These ni**as or the police

Limit the places you go, or you hold on to yo pole
No I’m not tellin’ you how, but we got valuable souls, we got valuable souls
We barely safe at home, look what they did to Pops
Can’t leave my family hurt, I already dodged the block
Can’t ask my brothers how they doin’ ’cause they doin’ time