Uzi - Dougie B

UziDougie B

Quotable Lyrics:
I’m too raw, ain’t no f**kin’ with me
Dougie double the B, double hunnids on me, I don’t know why
Like old ni**as be comin’ at me ’cause these b*tches on me, no I don’t wanna beef
But ni**as know we ain’t duckin’ no heat

But keep f**kin’ with me, you get put up with shh
Pop a pill more, than four when I geek
And when I pour a four, I need more, I don’t dream
Never sober or sore off a E, too tweaked

Too different me when I’m off a bean
Thought I was just buggin’, she f**k with thе opps and me
Real wife in my boxеr briefs
She tryna leave, she ask me, “Is you down to leave?”

My dumbass was bound to see
F**k it, don’t matter, ain’t no in-betweens
Got fiends for the scene tryna stamp ’em a P
Just look in my eyes, feel the rage when I speak

They gon’ only respect when you stay on BT
Tell ’em, “Free Kay”, NBA put his song on TV (Put his song on TV)