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Up Off XYeat

Quotable Lyrics:
Yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Sittin’ outside, just still on X (Yeah, yeah, yeah)
Boot up all night ’cause I’m up off X (Yeah, yeah, yeah)
Bro, you not rich, not rich like this (Yeah, yeah, yeah, ack)

Five hundred K on my shoes like this (Ack)
Too much cash and my b*tch like this (B*tch, like what? B*tch, like what?)
Got two twin Glocks on my side like this (Huh, huh-huh)
Got a big AR, it’ll turn you to piss, ha (Hah, buh, bang)
Yeah, up all night ’cause I’m up off X

Still outside, b*tch I’m still on X
Up all night ’cause I’m up off X
Up all night ’cause I’m up off X (Yeah, yeah)
Up all night ’cause I’m up off ecstasy
Up all night ’cause I’m up off ecstasy

B*tch, I’m makin’ a hit every time
B*tch, I’m makin’ a hit evеry time
Got ’em sick like flu, likе swine
And that drink look to me like wine (Skrrt)

Rippin’ the coupe by the side, yeah
Boot up on X all night, yeah
Livin’ however I like, yeah
I’m livin’ this sh*t in my life, yeah
We makin’ a movie like Spike, yeah
She pull up, she ridin’ my bike, yeah

More boot up? I can’t decide, yeah
With a Perky, then crash up my life, yeah
He ain’t never have no bread like this
Like this, like this, like this, like this, like this
I just pulled up in a muhf**kin’ Bentley (Skrrt), I just pulled out the side, lil’ b*tch
I can’t be trustin’ nobody in this b*tch, lil’ b*tch, don’t come to my town, lil’ kid (Uh)

Yeah, I been makin’ them M’s, you ain’t touching my profits, b*tch
Yeah, uh, I’m pullin’ it back, I’m golfin’, b*tch
Yeah, she gon’ suck it up, she gon’ gulp them kids (What?)
Yeah, and I’m pourin’ it up, yeah, just like this (What?)
Yeah, just got word from Thug, ’bout to crank that b*tch (What?)
Yeah, swervin’ it daily, might f**kin’ crank that b*tch (Skrrt)

Ridin’ in muhf**kin’ Maybach, turn it around and muhf**kin’ lick that b*tch
I made that sh*t happen, I made it from nothin’ and muhf**kas hate that sh*t
And I know that you broke as a b*tch if you got enough time to be hatin’ on sh*t

I don’t give a f**k ’bout no followers, I don’t give a f**k ’bout none of this sh*t
Yeah, f**k all the internet, f**k all the politics, yeah, they could suck my d*ck
You heard what I said, you heard what I said, better run it back
Up all night ’cause I’m up off X (Yeah, yeah-yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah, yeah)