Up N Stuck - 22Gz Feat. Kodak Black

Up N Stuck22Gz Feat. Kodak Black

Quotable Lyrics:
Got these opp ni**as duckin’ (Opp ni**as duckin’)
Shooter gon’ walk up, brush him (Walk up, brush him)
It be all fun and games ’til we touch him (Blicky, the blicky)

Lil’ stepper, pop Percs, get to buggin’ (Gang, gang, gang)
I’m the type to start shootin’ in public (Shootin’ in public)
Said it’s up, so it’s stuck, I’ma up it (Gang, gang, gang)

If he slippin’, it ain’t no discussion (Ain’t no discussion)
Broad day, face shot, blood gushin’ (Blick, blick)

I heard they said they on timing
Get a lil’ freak from the East to come line ’em
Blickys and twirlers gon’ slime ’em (Blick, block)

Where they from? We gon’ kill they whole lineup (They wholе lineup)
He was lookin’ for too much attention (Too much attеntion)
But the gang get him checked off the hit list (Checked)

And them opp ni**as cappin’, they know they ain’t spinnin’ so stop all that dissin’ (Them opp ni**as cap)
And they stealin’ the drip, it’s ridiculous (I get the drip)
Fell in love with them Glocks with extensions (With extensions)
With them switches (With them switches)

He keep on clickin’ ’til he stop twitchin’, glitchin’
Lift him (Lift him), drift it (Drift it)
Shooters slide through they block with a ripstick (On a dipstick)

Use the Wesson, it ain’t no ballistics (Ain’t no ballistics)
Point blank, won’t shoot from a distance