Up All Night - Jay Critch

Up All NightJay Critch

Quotable Lyrics:
Double cup on ice, off these perkies,
I’mma be up all night (I’mma be up all night off the percs)
Know the streets not nice, think twice ‘fore you play with your life
I been feelin’ paranoid, got me runnin’ red lights (Runnin’ red lights)

Back when I was doing wrong I was movin’ so right (So right)
Now I’m livin’ so fast, still prayin’ at night
Don’t get caught up in the hype, we gon’ spray it on sight (Boom, boom)

And these ni**as ain’t gang, don’t belong here
I’ve been on the roads every month, been a long yеar
Used to post up selling green like thе lawnchair
I ain’t ever read no magazines, who the f**k would
ever think that I be on there? (Hey)

Who would think that we would be rich through the Saint Lauren
No, I do the Louis V fits
No, it ain’t no fish fry, pull up and we steam sh*t
Gotta get big how I’m goin’ up to Phoenix
Tennis chain on me and it’s swinging’ like Serena

I would be a dummy if I ever go believe her
I was livin’ bummy, ni**as savin’ up for sneakers
This weed came from Cali’, this is [?], not no reefer
And I’m sippin’ Juice, make the room slow motion (Make the room slow motion)

Shorty comin’ through, makin’ moves, slow motion (Makin’ moves, slow motion)
Let a ni**a try to take my juice, he toasted
Got diamonds at the pool but that pool not open (Not open, not open)