Ungrateful - Megan Thee Stallion Feat. Key Glock

UngratefulMegan Thee Stallion Feat. Key Glock

Quotable Lyrics:
Whichever b*tch wanna come get it, I got it (Got it),
I’m givin’ out work, come apply (Yeah)
These b*tches talkin’ that sh*t and they sayin’
my name and I can’t keep just lettin’ it fly (Nope)

They gotta sub, they gotta tweet
They gotta go get they, homegirl, for me (Hmm)
If I was still doin’ broke sh*t with your broke ass,
then your broke ass wouldn’t want beef, hey
When I started gettin’ money, I’ma tell you the truth (Yeah)

All the hoes I was hittin’ got they ass cut loose (Got they ass cut loose)
B*tch knew a lil’ business, wanna put it in thе news (Hmm)
They’ll take it to thе ‘net (Hey), but I’ma take it to the booth (Yeah, yeah)

Give a b*tch an inch, she’ll take it to the moon
Hoes love to stir the pot and I’ma get a b*tch a spoon (Yeah)
B*tch, I’m the one, you ain’t even the two (Hey, hey)
You would never be you if I wasn’t your muse

Whole lot of fake-ass, snake-ass, backstabbin’, hatin’-ass,
no money gettin’-ass b*tches (No money-ass b*tches)
Y’all actin’ really ungrateful, I’m sparin’ you h*es (Hey),
I been could’ve f**ked y’all ni**as (Hey, been could’ve f**ked y’all ni**as)

Whole lot of fake-ass, snake-ass, cake-ass, hatin’-ass (Yeah),
no money gettin’-ass ni**as (Yeah, ayy)
I really been sparin’ you ni**as (Yeah),
your girl hate me ’cause I been sh*ttin’ on y’all b*tches (Hey)