Unacceptable - Cordae,So With That - Cordae


Quotable Lyrics:
Take one look at me, ni**a, we gettin’ revenue
But you put money over loyalty, unacceptable
Used to have to throw hands right after school
Was born a real ni**a, that’s my greatest attribute (Uh)

All the sh*t that we been through, act like you never knew
Feelin’ like my life on the line, sh*t, I could never lose
You see how we walk by faith, this sh*t incredible
Watch how them Ms get on your schedule

Uh, it’s always some ni**as that hate, but we can’t stand them ni**as
They wanna have to call my bro ’cause he gon’ handle ni**as
We tryna leave that life alone, always thinkin’ bigger
I gotta get rid of this trauma, it’ll bring them demons with ya
Drivin’ in the car with this baddie, she always singin’ SZA

Granddad died, bad liver from always drinkin’ liquor
Rest in peace to Lukey and Tony, y’all always be my ni**as
How the f**k we come from the bottom to makin’ seven figures? (Uh)
Spendin’ all these nights alone, I don’t even dream
Police askin’ us questions, I ain’t see a thing

Society, they call him a killer, I think that he a king
I swear this sh*t so crazy, what that money bring
Girl, you know I love you, you don’t need a ring

Swear that sh*t just come with all type of things
But, I thought my last one was a ride or die
I leave my momma with a million if I die tonight