U-Digg - Lil Baby Feat. 42 Dugg & Veeze

U-DiggLil Baby Feat. 42 Dugg & Veeze

Quotable Lyrics:
‘Rari sittin’ on twenty-fours, ya dig?
I cut the b*tch, she couldn’t play her role, ya dig?
A couple million plus I spent on clothes, ya dig?
B*tch actin’ like she scared, I bought her a Ghost, ya dig?

These lame ass rappers tryna see if I f**ked their b*tch, you know I did
Got three hundred pounds at the spot and it all disappeared, you know where they went (What?)
Ain’t worried about a ho tellin’ her best friend I’m cheap, she know I’m rich
Got four-five h*es on a jet and it’s only me, you know I’m lit (Yeah)

I’m a hot head but my heart cold and b*tch just wanna thot
I done ran it up, I ain’t goin’ broke, that sh*t ain’t in my thoughts
I’m a real player, if you play it wrong, you can’t keep the sh*t that I bought
Got a white girl like Mary Jane, tryna swing in like Peter Parker

Can’t blame him, that’s my son, he just doin’ the sh*t I taught him
On Rodeo in a Maybach, they think that that’s Rick Ross
Wanna f**k me, she a broke b*tch, sorry boo, that’s a big, “Hell nah”
Wanna sneak diss, it’s cool though, but your ass better not get caught (Fa, fa, fa, fa, fa)