Low Down - Lil Wayne

Tyler Herro – Lil Wayne Feat. Big Sean

Quotable Lyrics: Tyler Herro – Lil Wayne Feat. Big Sean

Five white girls but they not Spice Girls
Just some hot girls who like to snort white girl
I’m in a all black coupe likе Dark Knight, girl
These herе Jimmy Choos, not Off-Whites, girl
Five AKs and they pop, NSYNC
Got five lil’ baes and they pop and drink
If it’s not bright pink then it’s not my drink
These bright white links make your eyesight weak

Runnin’ through a bag like YouTube money
New Orleans ni**a, got beaucoup money
I voodoo somethin’, I wish you would do somethin’
Milkin’ this sh*t like the Yoo-Hoo bunny
Got the private plane lit and the Bluetooth runnin’
Tunechi gon’ spit like a new tooth comin’
Everybody 5 like the FUBU company
Whole bunch of zeros like a new bag of Funyuns