Twin Flame - Kaytranada Feat. Anderson .Paak

Twin FlameKaytranada Feat. Anderson .Paak

Quotable Lyrics:
Ha, you always got some way around it
You never had to pay for ganja
You always got the waves around ya
You’re surfing with the jay in your mouth
In the barrel with the shade around ya, ha

You’ll always be the same as I am
You pretty with the brain and all that
You even give me brains and all that
You love me ’til I’m gray and ornery
In barrel, must be nice, ha

Hey, when you move, it’s that dead right
Hey, when you groove, it’s that dead tight
What am I doing? Am I that nice?

Who would’ve knew you’d live up to the hype?
What do you call it, call me the godsend
Even when it’s two in the mornin’

Playin’ in the garden
Tail waggin’ while you marchin’
My goddess

Kaytranada Feat. Anderson .Paak