Twin Flame (Billboard Music Awards) - Machine Gun Kelly

Twin Flame (Billboard Music Awards)Machine Gun Kelly

Quotable Lyrics:
It’s been six days since the last time
I saw your face and you asked my sign
I told you mine, I questioned why
And you said, “Everything’s aligned”
On the first day, you told me
I was your twin flame from a past life

And tonight, the moon is full
So take me anywhere outside
I cannot kiss you yet, you’re magic
So I’ll just stare at you instead
I get insecure and panic

‘Cause I know you’re too pure for this
You’re too good for me
I’m too bad to keep
I’m too sad, lonely
I want you only

I got six ways to say that I
Fell in love with you at first sight
I wish that I could frame the way
You look at me with those eyes

Freeze time, baby, rewind
Maybe ask you earlier, “Be mine”
See, I didn’t understand
Deja vu ’til I met you