Turkey Season - Only The Family, Lil Durk & Chief Wuk,Hellcats & Trackhawks - Only The Family & Lil Durk

Turkey SeasonOnly The Family, Lil Durk & Chief Wuk

Quotable Lyrics:
B*tches lyin’ on my name, I ain’t hit her yet (Freak bih)
I sit back, f**k some b*tches, put V.Roy name on my fitted cap
And y’all just got up on Booka music (What?)
I ain’t gon’ say too much on the internet, but shorty know he been a threat
(ATL Jacob, ATL Jacob)
Hmm, hmm, uh
Turkey talk, huh, uh-uh
Ni**as mumble under their tongue (Uh-uh), tell that ni**a to talk up
He gon’ spark, you say my name too crazy, he do walk ups