Tukoh Taka - Nicki Minaj · Maluma · Myriam Fares

Tukoh TakaNicki Minaj · Maluma · Myriam Fares

Quotable Lyrics:
Me, soy Trini
Everyting di man have, dat a fi mi
¿Dónde está el dinero? Papi, gimme
Pretty face, ugly gyal can’t see me

Made that pretty **** just let me do my little shimmy
That little **** fat, but that waist still skinny
**** him so good that them men a get clingy
I’m even wetter when I do it at the Henny (Ooh)

Wa-wa-wait, it’s a great night
Me and my girls turned up, it’s a date night
We got these **** so pressed, br-br-break lights
Them bars really ain’t hittin’ like a play fight

Yo, mira, mira, mira (Yeh)
Con mi copa amiga (Pah)
Loca, loca la vida (Sí)

Yo soy muy rica (Wuh)
Papеl o plástica (Sah)
Some say “football”, some say “soccer”
Likklе shot go block-a (Block-a)