Try - Mark Battles Feat. Cozz

Try – Mark Battles Feat. Cozz

Quotable Lyrics: Try – Mark Battles Feat. Cozz

They say you are what you eat
Well, ni**a, I’m a vegan
And I’ont eat no meat so I ain’t beefin’ for no reason
I try to get the peace but keep a piece in case they schemin’
So if you really want the beef, I might leave your ass steamin’
Life cold, it’s so anemic, on the road, I must be dreamin’

In that Hellcat speedin’, it be screamin’ like a demon
I pray because I need it
Used to cheat because I’m greedy
She said, “F*ck me like you need me, don’t givе a f*ck ’bout how you treat me” (Woah)