Truly Yours (Remix) - Eric Bellinger Feat. The Game, Dom Kennedy & Phabo

Truly Yours (Remix)Eric Bellinger Feat. The Game, Dom Kennedy & Phabo

Quotable Lyrics:
No thank you, I’m boolin (no cap)
I’m chillin, we coolin (yeah)
On top of the mountain yeah (so high)
Overlookin the ruins
Oohh oohh oohh ohhh
It’s so EaZy yeahhh (It’s EaZy)
Cause we could be off
The grid for a while or AirBnB’n
In the City long as you with me
I ain’t really worried bout a thang
Tell yo girls that you busy
Out here tryna cater to a King (Top 5 with it)
It’s so different with you
Polish up my vision with you
Purpose love pursuing with you
That ain’t my main

That ain’t my main, that’s my home girl (homegirl)
If I could, I’d buy you the whole world
(Whole world)
The picket fence, the Porsche, and the dog
Cause when I look at you I see stars
(I see stars yeah)
Girls from the hood this they favorite song
Girls from the valley this they favorite song
I couldn’t wait to call
Truly Yours