Trillions - Alicia Keys Feat. Brent Faiyaz

TrillionsAlicia Keys Feat. Brent Faiyaz

Quotable Lyrics:
Ain’t gon’ let me down
Ain’t gon’ break my heart, baby
Only gon’ love me back
Only gon’ fill me up, yeah,

never gon’ f**k it up, no way
Definitely drive me wild
Definitely give me what I need
Never gon’ hold me back
Never gon’ be another, I can’t wait to love ya

Oh, no limit to the things that I do
Nobody else can say it ain’t true
I am a one in a billion,
you are a one in a billion
We got a one in a billion

Baby, where you gon’ find that love?
Someone that don’t do too much,
someone that don’t lose your trust
Someone that’ll pick you up when you feel down
Someone that’ll stick around (Mm)

Someone, someone that could treat you right
Someone that could change your life
Tell me where you hiding
I promise I will find you, I will, for real