Trick - Erica Banks

TrickErica Banks

Quotable Lyrics:
He a trick
Open that wallet, breakin’ them pockets
He a trick
I need islands, fly me private
He a trick (He a trick)
I can buy it, but he got it
He a trick, trick, trick, trick, trick
He a trick

Know he only f**kin’ if the check right
Shinin’ on these b*tches like a headlight
B*tch, I’m that, know he got the bread right
F**k a ni**a, make a ni**a red light

I don’t wanna vibe, I just want the pesos
Nah, we don’t kick it with these fake h*es
Spend it, I’ma buss it like a Draco
I don’t wanna talk if you ain’t talkin’ ’bout a bankroll

I love a trick who gon’ do what he say
See what he got and I’m takin’ advantage
Drop me a bag in the back of the Wraith
Eat up the pu**y, I’m speaking in Spanish

Yeah, I be gettin’ in, having my way
Know when I call it, I’m calling for hunnids
Yeah, I be spending up all of his money
‘Cause who give a f**k if he mad? I ain’t stuntin’ him

Erica Banks