Treesha - Lil Tecca

TreeshaLil Tecca

Quotable Lyrics:
Put that on your life (Yeah, squad)
I’m loyal to my brothers and I put that on my life (Gang)

On the ‘Gram in my DM’s, why your b*tch wan’ be my wife? (Yeah)
She say she like my timin’ (Oh), feature Patek, diamonds fight (Gang)

And I don’t have no opps
‘Cause when I bang (Bang), they drop (Drop)
She like to dance a lot (Yeah)
Shawty a treesha (Yeah), I know she need me, yeah (Yeah)

‘Cause I got the Benji’s (Yeah, gang)
She love me, she havin’ a frenzy (Oh, yeah-yeah)
I might go put your bitch in a telly (Oh, yeah-yeah)
Real ni**a, I know that you felt me (Oh, yeah-yeah)

She savage, she smokin’ on dope, no juul (Yeah)
And she stir up the pot too (Yeah)
She not part of the squad, ooh (Oh, oh)
But she f**kin’ the squad, ooh (Oh, oh)

And she said I was top two (Top two), I just do what I got to (Got to)
You ’round them people, baby, how you let them guide you?
Put that on my guys (Yeah)
Anything can change, so I just still been on my grind, yeah (Grind, yeah)
Know they gon’ tune in, so I ain’t wastin’ all my time

I can send a flight, no, I ain’t waitin’ on my vibe, yeah (Yeah, vibe)
And she gon’ hit my phone, she said she yours (Yeah), she mine (She mine)
She see me on my time, yeah (Time)

I’ll say it ten times (Times, yeah), I got lit worth ten lives (Ten lives)
Funny how they always tryna be ’round them guys (No)
I could put that on whatever (Yeah-yeah), we done been heard them lies (Woah)
I could