Toxic - YG


Quotable Lyrics:
How can I love somebody else?
If I can’t love myself enough
To know when it’s time
Time to let go

All I really want (Yeah)
Is to be happy (Oh, yeah)
And to find a love that’s mine (Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah)
It would be so sweet (Hey)

All I really want (Oh)
Is to be happy (I wanna be happy, yeah)
And to find a love that’s mine (Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)
It would be so sweet

I know what she want, she want what’s inside my jeans
She want my heart with the lock, she wanna throw away the key
She make lovе, she will get f**ked, gang, gang, got hеr throwin’ up Bs
She like, “Boy, don’t do me wrong, just Birc’ and Prada me”

It’s casa, ’cause they come but I really love her
Got her out here competin’ with my baby mother
Bought her a new car, I be on the bumper
No, she can’t see me leavin’, she like Stevie Wonder

Late twenties, but with me she feel hella younger
Sugar daddys try to get her, she don’t give her number
She need a vaca’, she been dancin’ all summer
Put you on the jet to Cabo, baby, I’m a stunner

I’m the plummer, get it red, I clean it up (Clean it up)
Got Designer for every season, keep her seasoned up (Seasoned up)
Don’t post me on no Insta, gotta keep me tucked (Keep me tucked)
Treat her like a Queen of France, think I’m mean as f**k

And when it come to pain, she run a maze
Couldn’t break her heart, you gotta break her bed, ayy
Kill that pu**y, hurt, she dead, butt naked in bed, is what she said