Toxic - J.I the Prince of N.Y

ToxicJ.I the Prince of N.Y

Quotable Lyrics:
I hold grudges more than conversations
She know not to hit my phone right now, it’s complicated
I’ll just hit you when I can
Juggling between h*es we gon’ have to cancel on those plans
I live a lifestyle she can’t understand
Take all the time you need to get ya head right
We keep crashing, I guess I was blinded by these headlights

And you are not somebody I need, you’re someone I want
One of many I use to feel pleased
Might just add you to the collection of the females I tease
T-O-X-I-C, that’s me
Let’s break it down a little bit just so they understand
I broke you down a little bit, that self-esteem was out of hand
When you used to call me perfect I would smile ’cause I’m far from that
And I never said I loved you ’cause I don’t talk like that

I pull up in that life then I’m swerving out
I might break your heart in different pieces just to serve ’em out
Yeah, I know I’m evil plus I still got demons she ain’t learn about
Trust me you don’t want a glimpse of that side