Torpedo - Rae Sremmurd

TorpedoRae Sremmurd

Quotable Lyrics:
Taking off for that cash like torpedo (Yeah)
And your pockets too tight just like a speedo (Ayy)
I already got a lot but I need more, fire (Yeah)
She gotta suck my whole soul (Ooh-oh)

I’m a soldier, no limit (Limit)
Just call me lieutenant (‘Tenant)
I’ll be done in a minute (Yeah)
I’m testin’ the fish (Fish)

Married to the game, put a ring on it (On it)
It it what it is (Yeah)
It’s red on the bottom of my feet (Feet)
I’m steppin’ in Christians (Step)
Lord, forgive me for sinnin’ (Sinnin’)

I’m chokin’ the engine (Chokin’ the engine)
Broke the record like Ripley (Ripley)
I had to take risky (Risky)
My b*tch she so spoiled, throw a hissy fit (Fit)

I had to put ice on my ligaments (Ayy)
Need a b*tch can count up a milli with (Milli)
That’s what I call friends with benefits (Benefits)

Bad lil’ b*tch in my lap
She see the bird (Bird), she get a key (Key)
Carbon, it come with the spoiler (Uh)
I’m finna, uh, drift in this whip (Whip, okay)
Flooded that ho with the rack

Stand on the turnbuckle, I’m the champ (Yeah)
Ni**a, we live and direct (‘Rect)
Say no to drugs, I get a rush (Rush)
Takin’ off to the money, torpedo (Come on)

Now all the h*es tryna find me like Nemo (Find me)
Pockets is tight as a speedo (Speedo, tight)
Jet fuel makin’ me float (Float)
What exactly they mad at me for? (For)
She talkin’ too much, put d*ck in her throat (Take it) / New Music Release

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