Top Notch - City Girls Feat. Fivio Foreign

Top NotchCity Girls Feat. Fivio Foreign

Quotable Lyrics:
Not nann’ b*tch in the world look like this (Nann’)
G5, hair wrapped up, pop a iced bottle of the Cris (Ah)
B*tch, I was really broke, f**k I look like tryna go and diss? (F**k I look like?)
F**k I look like sendin’ shots and not makin’ every hit? (Huh?)
B*tches gettin’ sh*t confused, go and check the news
Pu**y real tight, got a good squish
Fat lips only, got no lisp
Big AP on a small wrist
Coulda paid for it but I rather him (Yep)
B*tch, I’m on ten, keep the lights dim
Top notch b*tch, far from a den (B*tch) / New Music Release

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