Top Dolla - Tripstar, Moneybagg Yo, & EST Gee,Gangsta Art - CMG Feat. Yo Gotti, MoneyBagg Yo, 42 Dugg, EST Gee, Blac Youngsta & Lehla Samia,Steppas - Yo Gotti & CMG Feat. MoneyBagg Yo, Mozzy, 42 Dugg, EST Gee & Blac Youngsta

Top DollaTripstar, Moneybagg Yo, & EST Gee

Quotable Lyrics:
Penthouse suite, top floor
Prices got cheap, we just let ’em go (Woah)
Watch my ni**a spend a hundred K on a plain watch
Told him, “Give me ten more days, I’ma get me one”

Two-hundred occasion (What you do?), I gave ’em (I gave)
Thumbin’ through the payment in the rental car from Avis (Backend)
Withdraw on that Wocky, I shrivel up like a raisin (Real)
My ni**a Trip black as hell, but he sell caucasian (Jungle fever)

White dope, I sell it to my white folks
I ain’t racist ’bout that paper, I ain’t goin’ brokе
Pint of Hi-Tech red (Mud), I put this sh*t up on yo’ head
I got bad b*tchеs textin’ me like, “Where you at?”

Walkin’ out of St. Regis with fifty in my britches
Get the drank dirt cheap when I go cross the bridge (Woah)
Count a hundred-fifty bucks out, it got me dizzy

Spend it, I f**ked off a eight and balled with Izzy (Necklace)
Let her wear my chain, got my pendant on her titties (Look)
Off the yacht, to the jet, just to see the Grizzlies

Jason said, “You cuttin’ it close”, you got a show, you trippin’
I’m not missin’ that cornbread, be there in a jiffy (Go)