Too Much - Mark Ronson Feat. Lucky Daye

Too MuchMark Ronson Feat. Lucky Daye

Quotable Lyrics:
You don’t need a reason
This can’t be described
You won’t need a ticket
To take this ride

Said, “No expectation”
Just might blow your mind
Oh, no use in fighting to fit in
It takes control, takes control

I can be your antidote
What you need
I know you wanna let it go
It’s about time

Can we get a dance alone?
Come touch me
‘Round and ’round and ’round we go, oh

You’re too much
We’re just catching up to time
Let’s do too much
Something that we never tried
We never tried

(Hands on my arms) It’s all I want
(Hands on my arms) It’s all I want