Quotable Lyrics:
Too big, like MC Hammer hypeman (Hypeman)
Lit, like thunderin’ and lightning (Lightning)
Chicken, like Foster Farm or Tyson (Tyson)
More jewelry than a judge, call me Iceland (Iceland)

I’m crackin’ like the Clash of the Titans
Two b*tches give me head while I’m drivin’
I kick a ni**a ass with my left foot
But slap the sh*t out a ni**a with my right hand

Uh, she said it’s too big
Damn, ni**a, you knocked off two wigs
I had to say I’m sorry
Little red Corvette, now it’s a Ferrari

We don’t want her, take her back, you can come get hеr
We keep goin’, like some old-ass young ni**as
Smokе too much, f**k too much
We havin’ too much fun, but it’s not enough