Toni - 2 Chainz

Toni – 2 Chainz

Quotable Lyrics: Toni – 2 Chainz

Damn b*tch, you ill, damn b*tch, you real (Real)
Damn b*tch, you raw (Raw) damn b*tch, you ill, uh
Damn b*tch, you get it (Get it) damn b*tch, you got it (Got it)
Damn b*tch, you rock it (Rock it) damn b*tch, you rock it (Rock it)
Damn b*tch, you ballin’, damn, damn, b*tch you ballin’ (Ballin’)
Damn Tit, you ballin’, damn, damn Tit, you ballin’ (Ballin’)
Damn b*tch, you get it, uh, damn Tit, you flippin’ (Flippin’)
Damn b*tch, you spendin’, you can’t take it with you

Toni like to drink, Toni like to smoke
Toni like to wear a diamond chain inside his coat
Toni got the stove with the Pyrex and the fork
Toni like to mix the Arm & Hammer with the coke
Toni never care, Toni like to pay it / New Music Release

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