Tongpo - Action Bronson Feat. Conway The Machine

TongpoAction Bronson Feat. Conway The Machine

Quotable Lyrics:
Hit the button on the ejection seat
‘Cause I don’t want no motherfuckers next to me
Seven-foot Sicilians dealin’ ecstasy
Make ’em do the pepper seed
And I’m your b*tch’s first election when it comes to penis
Have her squirtin’ in the car while we listen to a T-Pain G-Mix
Come down the spiral staircase like hair on a [?], hail Caesar

I don’t know sh*t about jail either
Malе divas with frail features, get takеn to a hell in a cell arena
Laid in the dirt, face gettin’ placed on a shirt
Lift your little f**kin’ body in the air and send it straight through the earth
Take ’em to church

Man, I just copped the 911 Turbo
Only driving 20 miles an hour though
With your b*tch in a seat giving me fellatio
Hard bottom Crocodile scraping across the floor of the Bellagio
B*tch thought I was Craig Biggio but I am not ho
I am the number one vato, that’ll choke a motherf**ker out with Mr. Socko
A young DiCaprio, also, with a more muscular torso
Uh, tell your fam I’ll have to meet you at the crossroads

Uh, hit ’em with the crossbow
Like A.I. hit Jordan with the crossover
B*tch, I’ll take lost soul
Yeah, you standing in an unsure pose
In the trendiest cloth, b*tch, I put you in a Fendi casket