Toast - Conway & Big Ghost LTD

Toast – Conway & Big Ghost LTD

Quotable Lyrics: Toast – Conway & Big Ghost LTD

Look, I’m the new king, I’m the new terror (Uh huh)
The hardest ni**as out since the Wu era (Cap)
Lotta blemishes on your record, it’s a few errors
So you built the brand off of cap like New Era (Hahahaha)

Yeah, still a two thousand dollar shoe wearer
Christian Loubs, I got a few pair of, two door coupe steerer
New Fear of God on my body, something to shoot nearer
There’s a booth near, I’m in that b*tch spittin’ truth serums
You hear ’em? They haven’t found a ni**a better yet (Not at all)
They said that grimy rap was dead, I came and resurrected it (Woo)