Time Spent - Quando Rondo

Time SpentQuando Rondo

Quotable Lyrics:
This murder sh*t not new to us, it must be new to them
They plottin’, tryna take off bruh, we gon’ take two of them
Looks like that dissin’ in ’em songs now got your brother killed
Not even a million bucks could change the way your mother feel

Time for the change, don’t even have a clue, like, “Where it started?” (That scar)
I’m way in Utah with lil’ shawty tryna heal my heart (Heart)
I swear that love sh*t got me traumatized, I’m stuck with symptoms in this side (Play my cards)
I’m all alonе with all this f**k sh*t on my mind, but still I play my cards (Grah)