Time - Giggs


Quotable Lyrics:
It’s only up from here
Saw couple greys and touched my beard
Still out here lookin’ young, just lost some hair
I’ve been swingin’ my sword, a musketeer
Up early on that mornin’ rush for years

Blueprint, buildin’ a construction
The wrong leaders, we’re leaded to destruction
I never trust ’em, I sold drugs, but never touched ’em
Sold to customers then eruption
F**k the radio, I blew like a volcano

Standin’ next to Kano, I’m posted up with Mano
All my shooters, they been with man from day though
I’m a street ni**a, I’m too busy, I got to keep my mum full
I got to level up, go to get uncomfortable

But, still amongst them, dysfunctional
Savages on timin’, got to keep punctual
They said I wouldn’t make it, “He’s a failure”
I’m stealin’ ni**a’s faces

On your radar, big in different places
I’m too cold, they been tryna replace me
It’s gettin’ old

Time, it’s only gotten faster
I got to keep it movin’, got so much to look after
I live through the guidance
Keep diggin’, got to dig for your diamonds
Time’s tickin’, listen