Throw In The Towel - Hotboii Feat. Lil Uzi Vert

Throw In The TowelHotboii Feat. Lil Uzi Vert

Quotable Lyrics:
I remember before, life was just lavish (Lavish)
Twenty-one million, I feel like a savage (Savage)
I bust down the watch and these b*tches start snappin’ (Yeah)

Cartier, Rollie (Yeah), I want the Patek
I got the lettuce, I got the cabbage
Don’t eat it all, yeah, you can have it
I swear that my b*tch is the baddest (Baddest, yeah!)

I love my Z, I don’t really eat zaxbys
Stand on my Z, like I step on the mattress
Had to go snap, I seen everybody crammin’

If you know me, know I love mathematics (Yeah)
That’s how I know that these ni**as done fappin’
Cartier, Rollie, now, I want the Patek
Sorry, I’m frozen, I wish it ain’t happen

Bulletproof truck, shots in there won’t fathom
Don’t even try, don’t even try
Ni**as be dyin’, still tryna slide
Let ni**a reach if he wanna meet god

Know it’s space up there, he can got to the sky
Ridin’ with Vert with a Uzi in my ride
I done did a lot of dirt in my past, I was foul (Yeah)
F**k all the opps, they are so out of down
Chop the head out the snake, make them throw in the towel

Hotboii Feat. Lil Uzi Vert