Threat - Blac Youngsta & 42 Dugg

ThreatBlac Youngsta & 42 Dugg

Quotable Lyrics:
Me and my brother, he in that cat I’m in that demon
A b**** a piece with us, he going to Saks I’m going to Nieman’s
I might swerve, I might swerve, I might swerve
Now that’s all bad smackin’ b****** whackin’ n***** doggy
I’m on all that, if you ain’t f****n’ every n**** with me b**** then fall back

I won’t hesitate to sho** my opps because they caused that
Only reason yo’ n**** still alive because I paused that
They ain’t found out who k*lled my little brother because I solved that
We already solved that, put a p**** in the closet
B*llets fly somebody Mammy gon’ die cause we on all that