Thoughts - slowthai

Thoughts – slowthai

Quotable Lyrics: Thoughts – slowthai

F*ck a fortune teller, I’m a force of nature
Have ups and downs like a elevator (Yeah)
I’m the instigator, you’re a non-disclosure
Piss tape and now I got a boner
On the way down, smiley face
Forget their names, I remember faces

‘Cause I see you later, alligator
Then I’m catchin’ cases (Ah), I don’t need the papers
I’m a dream chaser, days are numbered
Big bump, I need a bumper sticker
What, the bomber? That’s my missus
F*ck around, put some children in her
Put that on my kids, find out where you live (Yeah)
When’s the timing’s right, I forget, don’t forgive
I need the revenge, so I made a plan
To kill you with kindness, my hollow tips