This not a song “this for my supporters

This not a song “this for my supporters”NBA Youngboy

Quotable Lyrics:
Uh, XO
(Simo Fre just killed this)
I’m startin’ to think
I’m startin’ to think …
As I start to promote the peace I say,
“Stop the violence,” I think I’m incitin’ a riot

If you ain’t hear me clear, my nigga
I said, “As I start to promote the peace I say,
“Stop the violence,” I think I’m incitin’ a riot”
Ya heard me?
Ahh, huh

Youngin tryna put that blick on somethin’ (Baow)
Youngin steady tryna hit at somethin’ (Boom, baow)
I been tryna tell him not to do it, youngin

And these pu**y ni**as gon’ tell up on me
I feel yo’ pain, my slime
Just trust me and I could get you through the rain, my five

Yeah, I know you know they want to kill me in Atlanta and every city out here
Pu**y ni**a gon’ get his issue ’cause they knowin’ that I’m out here and I’m gon’ kill
They have to learn that hurtin’ people here is not the way now
I had to learn my ways poisonin’ my child

Twelve bodies and one child dead, “Stop the violence” what I f**kin’ said
I want to see you eat, you don’t want beef with me
I ain’t even tryna bust ya f**kin’ head
My city not no bad city, no, Mr. Government

But, it’s the holidays, everybody broke, so you knowin’ that’s why it’s trouble sent
I’m Rolls Royce ridin’, please don’t tell me who said somethin’
I know this ain’t right, God please forgive, I misled some
These pu**y ni**as ain’t more better than me, I count up twelve, ni**a

Now I got to change, you ain’t got nothin’ to do with me,
I’m goin’ to Hell, ni**a
My baby mama don’t f**k with me no more
Can’t my thug with bro’nem no more
Nightmare to me, I ain’t wanna drop a bag ’cause
them pu**y ni**as bringin’ pressure, and I know

NBA Youngboy