Think It's A Game - Meek Mill Feat. Vory

Think It’s A Game – Meek Mill Feat. Vory

Quotable Lyrics: Think It’s A Game – Meek Mill Feat. Vory

Girl, just leave me in silence
Just got a call from all my ni**as, said they still ’bout it
Closest homie turned his back, we gotta kill ’bout it
Even though it hurt my soul, act like I don’t care about it
Ni**a, f*ck this rap sh*t, ain’t no cap sh*t
I was rich before this rap sh*t, f*ck a caption
And your ni**a said he want action, so he get clapped quick
F*ck around and name that Nina Brad Pitt, ’cause he an actress and I’m a savage
Pu**y, hmm

Think it’s a game until they holdin’ onto your brains and sh*t, do you?
Think it’s a game, nothin’ do you?
Think it’s a game, yeah