They Fear Me - Kodak Black

They Fear MeKodak Black

Quotable Lyrics:
I’m thinkin’ ’bout quittin’ rappin’, tell the truth, I’m never happy
The politics come with the sh*t, be makin’ me feel like snappin’
They hidin’ all my music, so I don’t get too many views
I’m still doin’ my thing, but it don’t do what it used to do

They only show support to you in public, when it’s cool
So they hidin’ all they love for you in private
I keep it too real, they fear me, I want the world to hear me
I know Lil Boosie, Tory Lanez, and DaBaby feel me
They try to mute the real ni**as who voicin’ they opinion

But I’m realer than the realest, so they gon’ have to take me serious
And if you don’t give me this Grammy, I’ma steal it
I’ve been nominated nine times, I’ma need me one of them b*tches
Got Cardi B money, I could’ve did a song with Nicki
I missed out on a lot of opportunity, let’s get it

Bringin’ street sh*t in the business, every day another killin’
Meetin’ new ni**as, but I can’t believe they livin’ how I’m livin’
So I don’t really be feelin’ ’em
I’ve been distant from my ni**as, tryna get me together
They ain’t benefitin’ me, but they just want me to help em
Take my losses by myself, but when I’m winnin’, we winnin’

Can’t believe I made it out, they really want my position
It’s like the come-up was more funner, you can still hear the hunger
I still be hangin’ where I hung up, shootin’ dice in the gutter
‘Member beefin’ with my brothers in the same house, barely talked
I figured out, dawg, all we got is each other

Bringin’ pain to my mama and we already poor
Wonderin’ why we gotta struggle, evictions on the door
Lost a lot and lost some more, I got it bad
Gotta raise my children straight, but I ain’t never had a dad to learn from

I’m a baby with three babies, they got Ms in they savings
Why I gotta kill myself to make these people embrace me?
Rappers passin’ it, I’m busy doin’ calendars
Makin’ up for all the time I lost, so I’m sittin’ in the canister

Kodak Black