They Don't Know - Bobby Shmurda

They Don’t KnowBobby Shmurda

Quotable Lyrics:
I can’t decide if I’ma cheat the bitch or I’ma leave the b*tch
Looked at my watch and see you freezin’, b*tch
You know I’m still gettin’ rich
I keep a job for every season, b*tch

Am I tweakin’? B*tch
I keep a Glock and I’ma beat a b*tch before I need a b*tch that call the cops
And I never snitch (Grr)
I push the pedal, b*tch, before I’m not
And my lil’ yellow b*tch, she thick like Jello, b*tch
She cost a lot
And I won’t tell the b*tch that I was sellin’ it [?]
It’s irrelevant I tried to tell the b*tch before I shot (Grr)