Therapy pt. 2 - ROBERT GLASPER


Quotable Lyrics:
You will find that we not very different, no, you and I
Although I usually, usually find a way out
Feelin’ like I’m in the skies, my hands could separate clouds
My b*tch go get me take-out

They used to hate, they love me, and they used to love, they hate now
The world I rearrange, I turned it to a bloody playground
This to the homies, stayin’ down through anything
A cheers to baby girl, who I would’ve coppеd a wedding ring

See, money isn’t evеrything, but it helps
We walk around with pride in our eyes to the skies, the lies that we tell
Pickin’ up a seashell, listen to the ocean
Do the whole thing all me-self, I’m livin’ in the moment
Pickin’ up all of the ashes, I’m burnin’ the house down

Runnin’ from my life, I probably ran a thousand miles now
Had powwows with millionaires, a foul child and a style wild
That you found out that I’m killin’ there
Tell me how you feelin’, how’s it feel?